DPOPS Testnet Schedule

Dear Community,

Today I wanted to update you on the schedule for the DPOPS testnet. It will be crucial to have a public testnet up as we get closer to working on the next protocol. It will also provide us a sandbox to test updates.

I wanted to share this info at this time, since usually their are many sales on servers and VPS during this black Friday week.


Part 1 — Snapshot
This will be when the snapshot takes place at block 880000. This is estimated to happen around Dec 8th.

Part 2 — Voting opens
This will be on December 20th. Between the snapshot and this date I will need to setup the testnet code, websites, servers and get the seed nodes running in registration mode. During this time I will ask some beta testers by DM (ones I have asked before to test things) to try to register and vote to confirm it is setup correctly

Part 3 — Testnet starts
This will be on January 8th. You will want to register and vote before this date. We will make sure it works and then do the test to upgrade to the HF and upgrade the server tools a few days later.

We will need 50 servers as we want to run the same config as the mainnet. The official servers will only be the 5 seed nodes, so we need 45 servers from the community to participate. If not we may bump up the incentive reward or lower the server amount and dates might have to be moved

What do I need to do for each part?

Part 1 — Get a server if you want to participate. Make sure you have xcash that you want in addresses you have the keys for before this block height occurs. Once it occurs wait for the voting to open

Part 2 — You can start to register delegates, and possible get people to vote for you if they want to.

Part 3 — Be ready to start!

Where can I get more info like instructions for each part config for systemd etc etc?

Make sure to register on discord. This is where I will provide live info and commands for each part, and any changes that may happen or changes to the schedule. This is also where the commands will be given once the testnet starts for what and when were going to try it.


#1 Can I use xcash on both chains?
YOU CAN USE XCASH MAINNET ON THE TESTNET AT THE SAME TIME. meaning if you have a wallet with 100M you can use it on the testnet and keep it on the mainet as well. Just keep in mind that any newly created xcash on either chain after block 880000 will not be able to be used on both chains

#2 Do voters or delegates get anything by participating in the testnet
You do not get to keep any produced xcash on the testnet to the mainnet, and voters wont get any real xcash. The only rewards given will be once a month, the top 3 delegates in each stats category on the website will be sent 1M mainnet xcash at the end of each month. If delegates want their voters to participate in the testnet, they will need to setup their own deals with their voters.

#3 What server can I use?
This will have the same requirements as the mainnet.

Thank you everyone.

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