[Liquidity Farming] XCASH launch on Polygon + Quickswap

Dear community,

We are very excited to share the launch of XCASH on the Polygon Network with a liquidity mining program in partnership with Quickswap. The current APY is 1406.28% [Last update 09/09/21 12:26 UTC+0].

In this article, we present what is the X-Cash project, its purpose, and what we have built in the past 3 years. If you are looking to farm XCASH you can directly switch to the tutorial section below.

What is X-Cash

X-Cash is a hybrid public-private coin with several features developed and added since 2018. X-Cash also includes an innovative consensus algorithm called Delegated-Proof-of-Private-Stake (DPOPS) that allows anyone in the network to obfuscate their stake and use it to vote for delegates in charge of the consensus. The current delegate ranking is available here.

Currently, X-Cash is developed as an open-source project by an active community of contributors with the governance set under a foundation which is a non-profit organization in charge of the development of the project.

More information can be found here:
X-Cash Website: https://xcash.foundation
X-Cash Documentation: https://docs.xcash.foundation/applications/wxcash

How to participate in the Polygon launch and farm token

Program Details

Liquidity Mining

Provide liquidity $XCASH/$QUICK and earn $QUICK in return.
Reward: $500k worth of $QUICK
Start Time: September 8th, 2021
Network: Polygon
Reward duration: 90 days
XCASH/QUICK pair: 0x30167fea9499c11795bfd104667240bdac939d3a


Stake $dQUICK in the X-Cash Dragon’s Syrup pool to earn $XCASH.
Reward: $500k worth of $XCASH
Start Time: September 10th, 2021 or September 13th, 2021
Network: Polygon
Reward duration: 90 days
Contract address: (coming on September 8th)

Tutorial — Step1: Get XCASH and QUICK

You can buy XCASH directly on Quickswap Exchange (Polygon Network) on the XCASH/QUICK pair.

You can swap XCASH to QUICK and vice-versa

You can buy QUICK directly on Quickswap with any asset or on most centralized exchanges like Binance.

Tutorial — Step2: Add Liquidity to XCASH/QUICK to get LP Token

Add your liquidity to the XCASH/QUICK pool.

“Add liquidity” panel with XCASH and QUICK selected.

A few hours after launch, the liquidity has already significantly increased and you can track its evolution here.

A few hours after launch, the liquidity is already $380k with close to 25% of the Polygon circulating supply staked

Tutorial — Step3: Stake LP token to get QUICK

Go to the XCASH/QUICK LP Farming pool and stake your token to get QUICK.

The current yield is 1406.28%.

Tutorial — Step4 (optional): Stake QUICK to get dQUICK

Additionally, you can stake the QUICK farmed to receive dQUICK in the Dragon’s Lair here. This is the pool where the transaction fees are collected and given back to QUICK holders. When you stake QUICK in the dragon’s lair, the amount of QUICK you receive from staking will always be higher than the initial amount committed.

The Dragon’s Lair enables deposit of QUICK against dQUICK.

Tutorial — Step5 (optional): Stake dQUICK to farm XCASH

On Monday 13th, 2021, XCASH will be launched in the Dragon’s Syrup pool and stakers will share an additional XCASH pool of $500k.

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X-Cash Website: https://xcash.foundation
Swap X-Cash in the X-Bank: https://x-bank.io
Quickswap Exchange: https://quickswap.exchange
X-Cash Documentation: https://docs.xcash.foundation/applications/wxcash

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