Team report and community update


We are pleased to announce that our Total Liquidity @ QuickSwap is a foundation to build upon as we advance towards our next exchanges at $380,000, and enable the newly interested parties to benefit from our 400% APY.
Add liquidity to the XCASH-QUICK pair here:

More good news:
We’re listed on new exchanges!
And as a part of our expansion plan, the negotiations with our next are aleady ongoing!!!

We endeavour to push this project forward in all aspects!

Please notice our Requests For Contribution:

Business and Partner Developments


On Friday 12th November, 8AM UTC, the wXCASH/USDT pair was listed on Probit Global.


ProBit Global is a centraliced cryptocurrency exchange located in Seychelles, and is currently ranked 35 on With Probit Global, we have direct access to XCASH (Polygon) via a CEX.

On Monday 29th November, the wXCASH/USDT and wXCASH/BTC pair gets listed on IndoEx International.

IndoEx International

IndoEx International, founded 2019, is a Estonia/UK based company, which doesn’t appear to restrict its exchange from being used by traders in any country explicitly. With IndoEx, we have another direct access to XCASH (Polygon) via a CEX.

Please keep in mind that we need to achieve the 1M TVL goal at QuickSwap to have a strong negotiating position as our target exchanges have made this a litmus test for market performance on their platforms …. so support XCASH by adding liquidity to our XCASH/QUICK pool!


Zach will be attending an interview with a publication this month.


We hope you did not miss the articles by Zach, about the development progress & plans for the future and the testnet schedule!

Development plan

The further development plan, summarised and supplemented:

Phase 1:

  • Stabilization of DPOPS — 99.8% bug free → Done!
  • Release SF part of xcash-dpops → Done!
  • Release SF part of xcash-core
  • Open Testnet Release
  • Release HF part of xcash-dpops
  • Release HF part of xcash-core

Phase 2:

  • Voting protocol
  • Instant payments
  • Smart Contracts & library (for easy writing smart contracts)
  • NFT
  • Sidechains

Phase 3:

  • Rebase xcash-core to the latest Monero code including StringCT

Phase X:

  • WebAssembly version of the GUI wallet

Please note that once the test network is ready and the Hard forks are out, most parts of Phase 2 will progress quite quickly as much of the work on these have already been done!

You can read Zach’s further development plan article here:

Project Update: Core and DPOPS 2021 into 2022

DPOPS Testnet Schedule

Zach released the schedule for the DPOPS testnet!

We will need 50 servers as we want to run the same config as the mainnet. The official servers will only be the 5 seed nodes, so we need 45 servers from the community to participate.


  • Part 1: Snapshot at block 880000
  • Part 2 : Voting opens on December 20th
  • Part 3: Testnet starts on January 8th

With regard to the test network, the following should be particularly emphasised: “The incentive to participate in the testnet will be three different types of rewards (with real mainnet XCASH) will be awarded each month to the delegate’s address on the mainnet. Basically, the top delegate of each of the categories at the end of the month (last block of the month) will be awarded 1 million XCASH!”

So we hope a lot of servers will join the testnet and may the best nodes win!

You can read Zach’s testnet article here:

DPOPS Testnet Schedule

XCASH-Wallet pre-alpha release by farmage

You might have seen already, community member farmage surprised us with a pre-alpha release of his XCASH wallet based on the famous Cake Wallet!

In the future he plans to integrate support for the XCASH (Polygon) token and also exchange functionality.
Thank you, farmage!

X-Cash Blockchain Explorer

The Blockchain Explorer got a look & feel update!
Just take a look at and let us know if you like it and if you encounter any issues!

Please note: the explorer URL is getting changed to and the old URL ( won’t work any more!
We are waiting for the final DNS & SSL certificate changes to be finished.

Meanwhile please use (thank you, Twinkie, for the mirror!) or!


TanyEM started the development of the iOS XBank app (yes, this is a real banking app not just a browser shell app).

The first step is the integration of WXCASH in the current interface design.

To ensure that users can switch between XCASH and WXCASH intuitively and easily, she revised and evaluated all possible design and interaction variants.

Resulting from this, users will be able to see their balances and transactions via swiping. The same swiping logic will be applied to transfers and deposits, and the Airdrop screen will be replaced by the XCASH<>WXCASH swap interface.


Also, we renewed our Apple developer subscription (thanks Paul) and after WXCASH transfer functionality is finalized and tested, the app will be deployed in a first release. In a further release the independent swap interface will be added. As soon as the swap section & functionality is finished, Tany will deploy the IOS XBANK app to the Apple Store.


A bit of an update on the X-Payment system on why it does not work currently.

Well some user (you know who :) found a nice way to reach Discord API rate limit by tipping to the role “@Member” which has more than 4k members.
So this mega airdrop broke the Discord pipes and the X-Payment bot was banned.

It seems Lovro forgot in the ninja-dev-battle to limit it ;-). Lovro already provided an update to the role payment option structure, so this will not happen again. Also Zach checked the wallets and X-Funds are safe :-). X-Payment will be back online as soon as the Discord responds back to the message in the picture:

We hope Discord will unban X-Payment as soon as possible, meanwhile let’s sing a song.

Community Activities

Exchange contest

THREE MILLION XCASH — Now the winner has been chosen!

And the winner is …

Congratulations Er_Ick!

You can watch the X-Cash Exchange Contest Winner Selection here:

X-Cash Beginners Guide to WXCASH(Polygon), X-Bank and Quickswap is ready!

Ju created a very detailed Beginners Guide to WXCASH(Polygon), X-Bank and Quickswap!
You can find it here:

Important Links - X-Cash Beginners Guide to WXCASH(Polygon), X-Bank and QuickSwap.

And special thanks to Zaffy’s & Francisco’s unbeatable Telegram support and Yurri’s non-stop Twitter action!

The Community Voice

The COMMUNITY VOICE is a community forum for the community members to discuss all things X-Cash, and then have their opinion broadcast to the entire community.
Every Wednesday at 5 PM (UTC+2) for 24 hours, you are able to share your opinions, suggestions, and proposals. The comment with the most votes gets @everyone tagged and look forward to a lively discussion.
Please note: The Community Voice is not an AMA. None of the opinions expressed have an obligation to be responded to by the team.

So, we hope you did not miss the previous Community Voice’s !
Here are the selected opinions of the community, with a short response by the team:

CV#1+2 by Scheppy:

Dear Team,
As an ambassador of this project, I have written in this letter three recommendations which I believe will bring about more success & clarity to our project
All successful companies use communication to manage and direct business tasks to their appropriate place for resolution. Without a defined way of communicating a business can fail. Now X-Cash Project is not a business, but it can be run using many of the same principles. One effective way one can implement communication is through weekly updates expressing, “How things are going?” within different branches of the “company”. This way different sections of the “company” like marketing, or programming have their responsibility to communicate their progression of tasks. Now there may be some internal communication in place, but we as whole would be delighted to take part in these updates.
For a crypto coin to succeed, the “company” does not necessarily need a finished product. Similar to real-world businesses, they don’t always produce finished products before they start marketing and fundraising. Many profitable businesses use marketing in the form of articles, updates, and influencers to promote their company. This is my second proposal as to how we can bring more success to our project through exploring and implementing similar marketing techniques, all be it a bit more official. Our team should focus some attention on this part of the project to grow funding, which can lead to a larger team, and a quicker finished project.
The most successful companies prepare a clear roadmap of project goals and flow maps of team members working towards these goals. Right now, our project’s roadmap is a bit unclear when it comes to defining what roles certain team members have and fails to effectively demonstrate when different stages will be completed. (Sidechains, Smart Contracts, NFTS, Exchange?) I propose we clarify who is working on what part of the project, as well as how they may be contacted. Adding this information will make our roadmap clearer, and will also draw enthusiasm among investors when things get closer to completion. Thus, tying back into the marketing proposal.
In conclusion, I once again affirm that to bring about more success to our Project, we should first implement the practice of effective communication through weekly updates, secondly incorporate well-known marketing techniques to increase funding, and lastly update our Projects roadmap to include defined members’ respective roles, how they may be contacted and clear goals and timelines.
hope I speak for all of you and all of my fellow ambassadors.
Sincerely, Ambassador Scheppy

We agree on your opinion and starting taking actions!
To establish a good working marketing flow, we need more contributors who can take reliable responsibilities over certain taks!
We are looking for brand & support ambassadors, graphic designer, video editors, copywriters and any X-Cash enthusiast willing to contribute and do whatever is needed to make X-Cash a Top 10 cryptocurrency!
If you have skills, time and the passion, please consider to join the XCadia/Ambassador program:

CV#3 by Mario:

Is there anyway to the seamless instant transfer we are going for. For example i have a lot of wxcash i want to swap to change the X-Bank so that it is “topped-off” faster or not needed? I understand its for security? I think? But it really creates an unfortunate bottleneck inregular, but i dont want to have to wait . I want to send any amt of wxcash to xbank be able swap it and withdraw it in less than like 10 minutes. Having to wait hours or days for xbank to be filled seems to fly in the face of decentralization in my opinion. It also makes it extremely hard to capitalize on market prices changes . Ideally X-Bank should not be slowing down what people are trying to do. Sometimes speed is paramount when you are trying to capitalize on a specific point in the trading market. Especially since we are on polygon chain those transfers should be close to instant.
Or a different idea, maybe some sort of live ticker thing which displays available xcash or wxcash , so I could know ahead of time if my transfer would be successful. But you would not need both of these and I would prefer the first.

Twinkie is currently working with Denis & Paul on a global monitoring of all our infrastructure, which alerts the team if something goes wrong. This includes also the monitoring of the x-bank wallet and any shortages will be visible and avoided!
Also, we like the idea of some kind of status feedback of the x-bank swap wallet status and looking forward to realising this in a nice & secure way.

CV#4 by miaumiau:

How about if everyone in the community would open twitter once or twice a day and reply to all $xcash posts 😉

Nothing to add to that!
Simply set this Daily Shilling Kit (created by Caga) as a background for your mobile phone or set a daily alarm for these simple tasks:

CV#5 by 我叫币圈big牛 :

We are about to go to the T2 level exchange, which I think is a very good thing. I looked up some information about this exchange, which is very good and very suitable for our xcash. But I see that there are still many people complaining. I think they are irrational and community leaders can ignore them. When our tvl reaches 1 million. We will contact the T1-level exchange. I see the future, haha. I still want to say, can we have AMA more.and if we can go to the T1 level exchange faster? We have lost a lot of time. I hope to see T1-level exchanges before February next year. I wish xcash better and better, thank you.

Nothing to add to that! Thank you and let’s get this 1M+ TVL goal done!

CV#6 by wmzy (Petr) :

Idea #1: Hello mates! Soon we will cooperate and add some liquidity to the pool. Does anyone want to participate? Now it’s only for RU community, but we should think wider.
Idea #2: The next idea is to have a vote for a new exchange. Devs give us a list of exchange where we could be listed and then we vote. It will be direct community democracy. Community will made a decision and It will be a big step for the project.

Idea #1: We are in favour of any initiative that will help us reach the 1 million target. Thank you for the effort!
Idea #2: This is quite complicated and difficult to realise.
The terms and negotiations with the exchanges are subject to confidentiality (NDA) and we cannot discuss the listing conditions publicly, which would be necessary to establish an objective position for a community vote. Of course, we consider every exchange that is suggested by the community, contact them and check their conditions.

CV#7 by //sdinelli :

I think one of our biggest selling points is the privacy aspect. That, combined with very fast transfers and very cheap fees can give us strength to rise to a well known crypto status. Once we add sidechains then people can start developing on L2 and our network then grows exponentially. For example, starting an NFT network and website built on Xcash. I would also like to see sometime in the future a full blown Xcash exchange, ( Name ideas: “Xchange” or “X-Market”), where users would gain benefits from holding XCA, such as slightly cheaper fees, etc. Of course we would have to find an effective way to market all of this for it to be successful. Im also hoping to see some unique partnerships start to form that can help us grow and give us support and a healthy backbone.

We like your ideas, they are implementable and definitely desirable. A NFT marketplace is a must! A X-Cash exchange could be tricky in terms of regulations, this needs to be carefully examined and studied in more detail.
Let’s work together, develop different concepts, test them for feasibility and finally implement them!
This way we should find unexpected solutions — and more opportunities to grow, build and innovate together.

Have a nice day! We’ll get back to you soon.

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