Team report and community update

September 2021


The incredible commitment of the XCASH Community made it possible that the XCASH QuickSwap Liquidity Program almost reached the 1M TVL goal (even during this short market breakdown)! With $2.1+ million of dQUICK deposits, over 3.5b XCASH and 950 QUICK in the pool, X-CASH is now stable in the TOP 10 list of Dragon Syrup tokens! Now the 1M++ TVL goal is just a matter of time!
Thank you all for your commitment, happy farming and keep adding liquidity!

Please notice our new Requests For Contribution:

The DNS issue has been solved! Sorry for this inconvenience! After this extremely unpleasant incident we will finally say goodbye to OVH, as their support & reaction time is …. .

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Acquisition & project development

The long-awaited Exchange listing is on its way! Guilhem has entered into negotiations and so far it looks very good. At present, Guilhem can tell the following:

  • Expected announcement of the exchange name in the next 10 days
  • Expected listing in less than a month.

Please bear in mind that negotiations are ongoing and the details of the cooperation are still being worked out, and therefore these are still confidential.
We are all very excited and ofc impatient and would love to fast-forward the time now!


During the last weeks, of constant thinking, analysing and experimenting, Denis did a great job on improving X-Bank and wXCash. All the issues regarding stuck WXCASH deposits are fixed now! He also introduced a few major improvements to the WXCASH deposit processor, by adding a cache of Polygon blockchain during the sync. The cache now contains “blocks tails” which are reused as many times as possibly while syncing users’ WXCASH wallets to make the process faster. This feature gave us a significant improvement in performance, resources usage, and a decrease in the number of Infura requests.

Here are the achievements in a nutshell:

  • Deposit sync became around 20x times faster: from around 2 minutes to 5–6 seconds. Be aware that sync happens every 100 blocks. In other words, it requires 100 confirmations on Polygon network for a transfer to appear in X-Bank.
  • Number of Infura requests (actual calls X-Bank does to Polygon network) got cut 7x times; from ~200k requests per day to 25–30k requests per day.

Denis will post a roadmap for the X-Bank project in the next few weeks, so don’t miss it and stay tuned!


Lovro put on his ninja dev costume and integrated a network manager so X-Payment does not crash any more and as the “official” Discord library has ceased with its development he migrated to a new one. Further more he developed and tested with caga”Crypto”palitos successfully the X-Payment Merchant. And, yes, it works!

The X-Payment Merchant status is now:

  • Backend script processing expired roles → Done
  • Server owner merchant activation → Done
  • Server owner command to monetize role → Done
  • Discord member purchase command → Done
  • Global X-Payment, server stats, members stats updater → Done
  • Relay of merchant activity to explorer → Done
  • Server Owner merchant earning withdrawal command → Done
  • Merchant stats integration into server stats UI → Done
  • Member check for monetized roles on server command → Done
  • Member stats to UI → Done
  • Member command to check current state of purchased/live roles → Done
  • Server owner perk management commands → Done

We are excited to see the release of the X-Payment Merchant by mid-end October 2021, and we already started preparing & building a X-Payment roll-out campaign.


DPoPS is running smooth and stable. Zach is intensively monitoring, as well as reviewing & testing the PR’s by snakewaypasser and farmage. It should not be much longer, and we will soon see a new DPoPS update.
In the upcoming days, Zach will publish an article with a roadmap for DPoPs, so don’t miss it, stay tuned and happy staking!


We hope you did not miss the previous AMA with Guilhem! Actually impossible if you have seen the cool teaser video made by Scheppy:

If you really missed it, read about it here:

[AMA RECAP] X-CASH @ Blockchainspace

Also take a look at the nice new infographic made in collaboration by our community members Juh and Ju:

A very detailed up-to-date & step-by-step “Beginners guide to WXCASH(Polygon) and Quickswap“ is also being worked on. A few parts are already available at Ju’s medium blog, take a look:

As you might have already seen, Worawut released some new nice x-cash art-pieces, like this one:

Also, the X-Amba program gets an update (rebranding and restructuring), to make it scalable, reproducible, and attractive. We will effectively be merging the X-Army concept with the X-Ambassador concept to create a new type of structure. As a result, we’re introducing a new retribution structure, new roles including a democratized ascension process, and a new program name — XCadia. XCadia is looking for brand & support ambassadors, graphic designer, video editors, copywriters and any X-Cash enthusiast willing to contribute and do whatever is needed to make X-Cash a Top 10 cryptocurrency!

And finally, special thanks to Zaffy’s & Francisco’s unbeatable Telegram support and Yurri’s non-stop Twitter action!

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