X-Cash Update: Exchange Listing Schedule, Developer Update

Dear X-Cash community.

As we are moving forward with negotiations, and with the successful release of the WXCASH, we are able to continue our plan of listings for X-Cash.

This information has been disseminated already in our chats and discussions with the community, but I think it’s important that we lay it out here for everyone to see.

DEX Listing & Liquidity Program

I wanted to share some quick news with you about the liquidity pool as it has been a subject of discussion in the past weeks.

It should come at no surprise that we will list and provide liquidity incentives on Quickswap exchange. As a native DEX running on the polygon network, it was clear for us to continue to navigate on the polygon network with the WXCASH. This will make it easy for everyone to provide liquidity without paying aberrant fees.

We will start and focus on Quickswap at first at it will be a perfect introduction into DeFi for WXCASH, but we will be able at a later time to continue on other Polygon available DEX like Sushiswap. Ultimately, our goal is to propose a liquidity pool on Uniswap with the ETH-WXCASH.

Because we want everyone to have an understanding of what DeFi can offer, and how you can provide liquidity, stake LP tokens, understand farms etc… we will write next week a complete tutorial of what you will be able to do on Quickswap Exchange with your WXCASH. The liquidity pool will follow right after the tutorial, so you will have some time to prepare your tokens, and everyone will have the chance to join.

CEX Listings

With the Quickswap DEX pool active, we will be able to quickly follow up on the listing on Centralised Exchanges. Our plan is as follow:

  • With the help from the liquidity of the DEX pool, and the trading volume and visibility the project will gain, we will be able to negotiate a great deal for the TIER 2 Exchange listing. Without diminishing the value of the exchanges we are listed on, we believe that the TIER 2 exchanges we are looking at will provide better trading conditions than any of the exchanges we are listed on now.
  • We will follow up quickly with a TIER 1 listing. We will need to finance this listing, and for this, we need liquidity on the market. With the DEX and TIER 2 listing, this should not cause problems and will greatly improve our chances to get listed at a good price.
  • Please be minded that we will probably list the WXCASH instead of regular XCASH, as it will simplify A LOT the listing process with the exchanges.

This is a lot of good opportunities for XCASH trading, and this is only made possible thanks to the possibility to wrap XCASH. Without it, we would be able to access the ETH ecosystem, and getting listed on an exchange would be way harder on our native coin.

DPOPS and developer update

We have heard the community’s backlash in the past weeks, concerning the lack of direction or management within the leading team. We have discussed and came to a satisfying conclusion with the team, which we believe will unlock a lot of the obstacles that prevented the project to move forward at a satisfying pace. We are looking forward to telling you more once we have finalized this, at it needs its own article, but we think you should be able to feel the changes already.

Now, our top priority is to put the DPOPS back online, and to pinpoint the exact reason for the instability. We have put in place backup nodes to help to restart, and fix the network situation to restore normal working conditions for the delegates to continue their amazing work and support.

All in all, I would like to thank the whole community for their support. As I have explained in some discussions, although the project side seems slow, the developing team keeps motivation as we know what is coming forward, and we believe that the DEX pools and the following CEX listings will help a lot in that regard. We trust you to help us communicate on all the great news that are coming, and spread the word about X-Cash!

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