X-CASH x QUICKSWAP: Liquidity Program — Earn QUICK and XCASH

X-CASH x QUICKSWAP: Liquidity Program — Earn QUICK and XCASH

07/09/2021 — Added instructions to provide liquidity
14/09/2021 —Added link to the Dragon’s Syrup Pool

Dear Community,

Today, we are excited to finally announce the X-Cash Liquidity Program in partnership with QuickSwap exchange. In short, you will be able to provide liquidity on the XCASH/QUICK pair, get rewarded with the pool fees and with QUICK provided by Quickswap, and stake dQUICK in the Dragon’s Syrup pool to get more XCASH!

The program is prepared in partnership between Quickswap and X-Cash, each providing $500k worth of coins to sponsor $XCASH and $QUICK liquidity. With the Dragon’s Syrup, more people will be able to learn about X-Cash and what the project and vision we are trying to put forward.

Program Details

Liquidity Mining

Provide liquidity $XCASH/$QUICK and earn $QUICK in return.

Reward: $500k worth of $QUICK
Start Time: September 8th, 2021
Network: Polygon
Reward duration: 90 days
XCASH/QUICK pair: 0x30167fea9499c11795bfd104667240bdac939d3a


Stake $dQUICK in the X-Cash Dragon’s Syrup pool to earn $XCASH.

Reward: $500k worth of $XCASH
Start Time: September 14th, 2021
Network: Polygon
Reward duration: 90 days
Address: https://quickswap.exchange/#/syrup/0x03678f2c2c762DC63c2Bb738c3a837D366eDa560/0xe01e81c76253831602520582793991650225Bf81


1. How to get X-Cash on Polygon?

XCASH (Polygon) contract address: 0x03678f2c2c762dc63c2bb738c3a837d366eda560

You can get XCASH (Polygon Network) in several ways

  • Buy XCASH on regular CEX like Citex, Stex or Hotbit, then send them to an X-Bank account to swap main-chain-XCASH to WXCASH (on Polygon). Check how to swap main-chain XCASH to Polygon XCASH here.
Swap Main-chain XCASH to Polygon Wrapped XCASH on the X-Bank
  • Buy them directly on Quickswap Exchange (Polygon Network) on the XCASH/QUICK pair.
You can swap XCASH to QUICK and vice-versa

2. Get QUICK

First of all, we encourage you to read about QuickSwap native token, QUICK and dQUICK, on these 2 articles.


How to Stake your dQUICK to Compound Earnings with Dragon’s Syrup

You can get QUICK directly on the QuickSwap Exchange, in the Swap section.
Additionally, you can check on CoinmarketCap to see the different exchanges trading $QUICK.

3. Add Liquidity on the XCASH/QUICK pool

Click on “Add Liquidity”
  • Select QUICK first (it’s in the top of the list) and XCASH (you will need to provide the XCASH token address: 0x03678f2c2c762dc63c2bb738c3a837d366eda560)
“Add liquidity” panel with XCASH and QUICK selected.

ℹ️ XCASH will be added to the QuickSwap known token when the program starts (September 8th). You can also directly find the link to add liquidity here.

  • Select the amount you would like to provide (needs to be equal part QUICK and XCASH), and complete the transaction to get LP tokens.

The panel will automatically calculate the amount needed depending on your first input.

  • Once done, click on Supply. You will get a display with an estimated amount of LP (Liquidity Provider) Tokens names QUICK/XCASH Pool Tokens. These tokens represents the amount of liquidity you’ve put in the pool.
For example, 1M XCASH / 0.34 QUICK gives 582 QUICK/XCASH LP Tokens.
  • Click on Confirm supply to validate the liquidity provision.
Confirm the transaction on Metamask.

Confirm the transaction on Metamask to validate the Liquidity provision.

Once the transaction has gone through, you will see your position, your pool share and the number of XCASH/QUICK LP token you have.

4. Stake your QUICK/XCASH LP Tokens to earn QUICK

  • Click on Deposit to stake your LP XCASH/QUICK token that you got from providing liquidity.
  • Click on Approve to validate the contract, then Deposit your LP token to start staking, and earn QUICK!

Please be minded that you can’t withdraw your provided liquidity before you have unstaked the LP token in the LP Farming pool!

Bonus: Stake dQUICK to farm XCASH in the Dragon’s Syrup pool

(The XCASH Dragon’s Syrup pool will be released on September 8th)

You will first need to deposit QUICK to get dQUICK, the staking token of QuickSwap.

  • Go to the LP Farming section (on the top bar, under Farms > LP Farming), and click on Manage on the Dragon’s Lair panel:
The Dragon’s Lair enables deposit of QUICK against dQUICK.
  • In the Dragon’s Lair, select Deposit to deposit QUICK.
  • Select the amount of QUICK you would like to deposit, then select Approve. Wait for the transaction to be over, then you can safely Deposit your QUICK into the contract.
You will be asked to approve the contract before depositing the QUICK.
  • Once done, you will see your QUICK balance deposited in the Dragon’s Lair.
  • Now that you have deposited QUICK to get dQUICK, you can stake your dQUICK into the XCASH (or any) Dragon’s Syrup pools. Go to https://quickswap.exchange/#/syrup to check all the available pools.

Important Link

X-Cash Website: https://xcash.foundation
Swap X-Cash in the X-Bank: https://x-bank.io
Quickswap Exchange: https://quickswap.exchange
X-Cash Documentation: https://docs.xcash.foundation/applications/wxcash

Follow Us on Twitter: @XCashCrypto

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