About Us

With technology providing easy access to data every day, many people find it increasingly difficult to maintain their privacy. However, X-Cash offers a privacy-centred, people-centric decentralized ledger technology which addresses: the scaling issue, high transaction costs, slow transaction speeds/ network congestion, energy dependence, and privacy of the person, while adding many user-experience features and tools such as: NFTS, dAPPS, and smart contracts. X-Cash provides the toolbox for the future of the web, delivering privacy when needed, transparency to achieve compliance, and decentralized anonymous governance.
The community-driven open-source custom consensus protocol is built for Web 3.0 privacy on the pillars of Public/Private Transactions: Delegated Proof-Of-Private-Stake (DPoPS). 
DPoPS enables scaling and speed on an unprecedented scale through the use of decentralized 2nd layers which inherit security from the base DPoPS layer.
The foundation stones of X-Cash’s novel consensus are its Delegates, who are elected representatives of the network by its witnesses/ voters every 5 minute round to secure the network and forge new blocks. The DBFT utilized in the consensus immunizes the X-Cash against forks, so new transactions are instantly validated. It also allows holders to keep complete control of their stake at all times.
The Sidechains (or 2nd layers) ensure that onboarding customisable user (personal) blockchains does not require any hardware. Also, the Sidechain is easy to code and customizable, and inherit full security features from the base layer therefore insulating participants while remaining decentralized. X-Cash creates an ecosystem that's enhanced by XPayment, XBank, XNetwork, and XBridge, offering sustainable green energy consumption and low recourses.
DPOPS even uses less energy than the sum total of 4 toasters or vacuum cleaners!
X-Cash provides the much needed toolbox for the future of the web, offering Privacy Flexibility, and can easily comply with regulation when needed. 

Many more nuances go into the proper functioning of the protocol, and with that, we invite you to visit xcash.foundation to browse our documentation.

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